Aldo Ferrari

With a background of 13+ years in web agencies development, he worked in Italy, Ireland and Switzerland helping business make sense of web & digital; transformed a direct marketing firm into digital agency and, thanks to his studies and experience, he can be considered as a key expert when any organisation wants to get right its digital transformation.
For the Swiss fintech in Switzerland, Aldo helped several financial Swiss institutions in their digital transformations, in relation to user interfaces and digital assets. Now he is leading the Digital UI (User Interaction) projects for TATA group in Europe, developing digital products and services across B2B, B2C and B2B2C.
Since his arrival in Switzerland Aldo played a pivotal role thanks also to his participation in multiple conferences, mentoring and volunteering activities.
Aldo is involved as well in, Masschallenge, Project integration and he is pleased to share his passion with new entrepreneurs.